Introducing … The Secret Shopping List

What is Your Family’s Safe Level of Exposure to Toxins?

You know about the toy recalls due to lead. You know about plastic toys banned because they contain hormone disruptors called phthalates. You know about drugs in your water. You know about a hormone disruptor, Bisphenol-A, in your baby bottles and water bottles. You know about multiple toxins in your toiletries. Why do current policies seem to ensure that you will find toxic products on your store shelves? What can you do? Can you minimize your family’s exposure to toxins without major lifestyle changes?

Learn the Secrets to Reducing Your Family’s Toxic Exposure

Yes. You can reduce your family’s toxic exposure by simply switching some of the products you use regularly. The Secret Shopping List shows you how you can choose least toxic products. The Secret Shopping List reveals the secrets because they shouldn’t be secret – for your family’s sake or for your friends’ and relatives’ families’ sake.

The Secret Shopping List

Find out more about how The Secret Shopping List can help you reduce your family’s and your community’s toxic exposure.

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